• house Annelise 21

  • house Annelise 20

  • renovated flats

  • bathroom Annelise 21

  • kitchen Annelise 21

The house Annelise you will find directly beside the hotel Paradis, only separated by the parking fields and the small street of our quarter. We are owners of one studio, no. 20, a big four bed apartment, no.21 and one big six bed apartment, no. 2+3.

The house Annelise is centrally situated and the apartments have a nice view. With more than 4 stories the elevator is useful. All apartments are renovated and have balconies. You can booked them with hotel services.

The apartment no.21 can be booked directly, no. 2+3 by the booking category 6 bed apartment. Please indicate your preference, the studio you can book directly on airbnb.

apartment 2 & 3, 6 persons

apartment 20 studio, 2 persons